News about the 4th edition of the Festival that will take place in Berlin all through the year 2008. The information about the former editions that were held on 22-26 november 2006, 13-22 february 2007 and 1-29 august, 2007 are still to be found somewhere in the jungle of this blop.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

29. August Kunsthaus Glogauer, Berlin Kreuzberg

On the last day of the festival we will be again in the garden. And I hope this time the haunting clouds won't chase us to the second floor. The guests of this evening are here to my pleasant surprise. Kate Donovan is here because she has to. At the last festival she presented the suite for three walkman: "post porn movie for 1". It is sunday and I still haven't heard from her. But I am sure she is on her way.

Carsten Stabenow I had spotted at the two premieres of the first two editions. As one of the creative forces behind the Staalplaat Sound System, he travels around the world. He who travels has many tales to tell, and lots of occasions to record new sounds.

On a compilation CD from gruenrekorder there is one track by Budhaditya Chattopadhyay. I approached him to ask if he was interested to join the long internetradio day. His answer was that he was coming to Germany in August. My reaction was to invite him to the festival. My pleasure and an honour to have him with us!

Peter Prautzsch came out of the blue. A good proof that the noble art of field recording is practiced by more people then we usually see in the fine venues here in Berlin. After Yehlin Lee, another artist to look forward to.

Carsten will bring his 8 speaker surround system. All the artists are kindly allowed to use this system. A big thanks to Carsten!

Here is what they say in their own words:

Budhaditya Chattopadhyay presents:

a soundscape design based on field recordings
collected from Varanasi, India. (7 mins)

2.Landscape in metamorphoses:
an audio essay designed according to
the sound actuality of a site called
'tumbani'. ( 28 mins)

3. On the move:
a soundscape design based on
my phonographic exploration
of suburban rail in Kolkata.
(5 mins)

Carsten Stabenow presents:

pure, unprocessed fieldrecordings from taipei, one take of a nightwalk

Peter Prautzsch presents:

Live recordings directly on location
mixed with recordings from Japan, Ireland and other places.

Kate is cooking.

Kunsthaus Glogauer
Glogauerstrasse 16
Berlin Kreuzberg

doors open 20.00
shows start approx 21.15

in case of rain,
we will suffer a delay,
because of logistic problems.

entrance fee 5 euro

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Extra! Extra! Extra!

Ben Roberts has arrived in Berlin, just yesterday.
All was uncertain up to the last moment.
Ben came in from Madrid:

"I have:
1x large radio-twin tape (modified with hand magneto-reader)
2x small radio-cassettes (modified with hand magneto-reader)
3x dictaphones
1x childs sing long cass player +mic
1x mini radio-cassette
1x portable reel to reel deck
1x mono cassette recorder."

he writes.

He will set up his installation in the Bürknerstrasse in Neukölln,
just off Maybachufer adn Kottbusser Dam.

"As concerns the event, I am not 100% certain yet of what i intend to do, but will definitely do something with the magnetic cards and metro tickets and possibly mount some on a background board or canvas, in an 'aesthetic way' so they can be hung on a wall and 'played' by people walking by. Also some kind of live event would be good."

It will all happen, in some way or another!
Be there either today, or on saturday afternoon,
and listen what the metro tickets from Paris or Madrid sound like!!!

gallery/living room radio aporee
bürkner str.9
U-bahn Schönleinstrasse
Berlin Neukölln

Sunday, August 19, 2007

25. august, Wendel, Berlin Kreuzberg

(Deutschsprachige Information weiter nach unter)

Saturday we return to Wendel in Kreuzberg. Non German languageneers might encounter a hard time, because there will be two performers who will use German lyrics for their stories.

Stefan Thielke, A German writer will read his short story that is situated in Berlin and India, against a sonic background made from original recordings of both the German capital and India.

Udo Noll will present his Radio Aporee. It is full of recordings with spoken word, or background noises, that were transmitted using a telephone, be it public, mobile or stabile. Perhaps slightly delayed real time interventions will take place.

The evening will be presented by Tore Honoré Boe, who some of the festival visitors have seen in action at Stralau 68. He will round off his Berlin stay with a dream concert that will start approximately at 02.30 and will last untill approx. 04.00 in the morning.

The whole programme, including Origami Boe and Origami Tacet's dream concert, will be held in Wendel. Entrance fee of 5 euro will be collected untill the last moment, in order to preserve the intimacy of the night, and to avoid disturbance of audience and performers by casual onlookers.

Erzählungen, Gedichten, Traumen, in Klang und Wort
Philips N2234
Stefan Thielke

Udo Noll und Radio Aporee
Origami Boe & Origami Tacet

Es begann an einem Montagmorgen – Eine Geschichte aus Berlin und Indien

Ein Mann Mitte 50, der sich eigentlich für glücklich hält,
erleidet einen Herzinfarkt und beginnt im Krankenhaus,
über sein Leben, Leben an sich und Überleben nach zu denken.
Parallel dazu verarbeitet ein Junge in Indien seine Geschichte
und muss zusehen,dass er überlebt.
Fünf Jahre zuvor,
er war 10 Jahre alt,
verlor er seine gesamte Familie bei einem Erdbeben.

Stefan W. Thielke schreibt seit mehr als 20 Jahren
Schwerpunkt Erzählungen, Kurzgeschichten.
Zahlreiche öffentliche Lesungen
und Gemeinschaftsprojekte mit Künstlern aus anderen Bereichen.

Udo Noll entwickelte die maps auf seinem Radio Aporee.
Von jeden Telefon kann angerufen werden.
Die Botschaften, Beschreibungen, Hintergrundgeräusche
stehen nach abschliessen des Gesprächs ins Netz.
Udo stellt Radio Aporee und die Anrufer vor, und bringt davon Klangbeispielen.

Mitten in der Nacht Träumen die Origami's
ein anderes Atlantis.

Schlesische Strasse 40
U-Bahn Schlesisches Tor

Anfang 21.00
Ende 04.00

Finanzielle Beitrage von 5 Euro
wird bis zum Sendeschluss gefragt
um die Intimität der Abend/Nacht
zu respektieren!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Glamour Trivia

Hello Visitors of 15. august evening at Glogauer.

I have lost my sunglasses on that evening.
Did any one find them?

They are slim black shades
of Versus by Versace,

bought some ten years ago
by my girlfriend.

They are totally out of fashion,
even out of retro fashion,

and they might even not look good on your,
or on your friend's face.

please get in touch with me
in case you found them
or saw them walk off with a nose.

rinus at zeromoon dot com

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

18. August - Stralau 68 - Berlin Friedrichshain

The fish can speak and the insects can dance. Bamboo is a great teacher. Michael Peters has it all with him. His guitar will also be there, because Michael was in Köln when krautrock was growing out of everyone's ears. How his years of experience have lead to underwater recordings from Sardegna and bamboo recordings from Indonesia to become a part of a sonic composition will be proved on this saturday.

The Origami's come from a huge networkframe that has brought them recognition in some Berlin cold war zones. While steal was being bended, and secret hide-outs were searched for with steam engines, (much to the delight of a leatherfetished public with a srcreaming hairdo), Boe was booed at because he played his acoustic laptop. What to expect from one of the key figures of the ground breaking collaboration world?

Tore Honoré Boe puts it this way:
Origami Boe: Woodwork is a meeting between wood, action and subtropical field recordings

Origami Tacet: An acoustic post-jazz duo that have been said to play live cut-ups in diverse rooms. Michael Duch and Boe (with guests?)

I am not going to introduce mattin. The Berlin public should know him by now. And those who do not know him, will not forget him after they have seen him. Expect to be scandalised, provoked, pleased and entertained. But above all, expect it loud... very loud.

Stralau 68
Alt-Stralau 68
Berlin Friedrichshain
S-Bahn Treptower park

entrance fee 5 euro

read about proletarian vs eletarian popular people's culture in The China Times

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Wednesday 15. August , Kunsthaus Glogauer, Berlin kreuzberg

This Wednesday the festival goes ambient. Two young guests from Italy will show how their existential situation in Bologna Italy can be transformed into a work of art. Both Francesco Cavaliere and Luciano Maggiore will use sounds from their working environment.

Come early, O all of you who want to see novi_sad, because he will play at none o'clock!!! He has just released a CD. And those who know about music in Berlin are looking forward to catch him live.
Read what those who catched his cd told:
"Beautiful, cryptic and spartan", a connaisseur from The Wire wrote.
"Rather poetically" and "strong stuff", the encrypter of earlabs managed to puff out.
"an exceptionally strong debut" and "stunning" sighed an admirer in rare frequency.
Three listeners can't be wrong.

Come early. Derek Holzer will provide you with recordings from his soundtransit site. Murmer will play found sounds and found objects. They will play the garden and its sounds. Come and marvel and get entangled in an environment where the real and the surreal twine.

Come early, because we will start at 20.00 sharp, and end at midnight. We do not want police voices in the back yard. Though I trust them to be friendly and polite, once they enter the garden of sounds, will they recognize what is coming from loudspeakers, what is coming from the streets, what is falling from the trees, what is crackling in the bushes?

A bird visited me this morning.

More information to come soon.

Glogauer is in the Glogauerstrasse 16, near Maybachufer in Berlin Kreuzberg.

You pay 5 euro to get in. Is that okay with you?

Complete programme of the festival.

Youth, sport, cultural education,
read it in The China Times

Thursday, August 09, 2007

DKFRF in SecondLife

poster designed by Annie Spinster

Saturday, August 04, 2007

10. August, Staalplaat - Berlin Mitte

August 10 starts early at 14.30 o'clock in Staalplaat Record Store in the Torstrasse in Berlin Mitte. Outerberlineesh sound artists will be heard through streaming. Tobias Luther from will publish the programme on his
website. Expect participants form different time zones.

Tobias Luther is a dedicated radiomaker who covered the complete second edition of the dkfrf. Edited versions of his recordings were transmitted by radio's around the world and were praised by all who had ears.
In Harold Schellinx words: "Did I already mention Tobias Luther? ( **** ) Tireless Tobias lugged along a huge suitcase crammed with equipment, all over Berlin, up and down from Schöneweide to the ever changing locations where the das kleine evenings were taking place. Tobias recorded everything, and aired it on his radioINCORRECT. He moreover made the recordings available to other radio stations, and produced a fine two hour summary of the festival for ResonanceFM's Framework, giving an interesting overview of all that went on at das kleine."
I am glad he will come to Berlin for this long radio day.

Breaking News: Tobias has cancelled his trip to Berlin, because of domestic reasons. Tobias will coordinate everything from Leipzig. Take a look at the programme. Ruben Patino will give a helping hand from Berlin, directly from Staalplaat.

From 17.30 onwards Berlin based artists will play live. You can hear dkfrf-veterans Stephane Leonard and rauschpartikel and newcomer Marta Zapp(aka xpenelopex).

Stephane Leonard surprised me on both of the former editions with his raw punky approach, offering in this way an audio impression of a molochial metropole hard to dominate, but ever so inviting to explore for whatever adventure. In Staalplaat Stephane will bring his unedited recordings from Berlin, that will lead up to an acoustic story about wandering and wondering.

rauschpartikel made his debut with tropical typewriter sounds, that made me think of Graham Greene working in a far away colonial world. On his (rauschpartikel's it is) next debute he changed the domestic sounds of a refrigerator into a mesmerising drone that impressed everyone. Little did Martin know, but I saw it, that Wendy, his collegue at Wendel's, was doing her barwork in a swift and gentle way. Her movements were like a summer's breeze (though it was midwinterly February), and the sounds she produced interacted as by magic with Martin's work. This Friday he will use the sounds that Staalplaat record store will produce, and recompose them in real time.

Marta Zapp(aka xpenelopex) comes from a town in Italy where people drink grappa for breakfast, and where tourists look for the remains of a Shakespearian play. Marta came to Berlin to live and play, because she neither wants to drink grappa in the morning or poison in the night. And what else is there to do in Italy?
So far she has succeeded to present herself in various locations all around town. Gifted with a very impressive stage presence, she succeeds in leading .. let's talk for myself.. she succeeded to transmit those first moments of audible bliss when trance sets in. Field recordings and urban witchcraft? In Staalplaat she will present broken melodies.

Last minute extra act: dis playce, highly recommended by Stephane Leonard.

Torstr. 68
10119 Berlin
Metro U2 Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz
start 11.00
live performances from 17.30 to 19.00 sharp!!

on the internet:
from 14.30 Berlin time onwards

Complete programme of the festival.

More readings about the ongoing people's revolution
you will find in The China Times

10. August , Raum - Berlin Wedding

At Raum we start at 17.30 with the SecondLife version of the festival, organised and curated by Björn Eriksson. Almost five hours of virtual concerts can be seen and heard untill far after midnight.

Over the last weeks networking wizzard Björn Eriksson has contacted his sonic friends and managed to organise a festival parallel to the one taking place in the real world. His work consisted in finding the place in SecondLife: (the concerts will take place in a green house, but maybe not, because designing works are still in progress). In this way all sound collegues spread around the globe can come and visit and enjoy. Björn will de present in 3D lifeform at Raum to coordinate the virtual concerts. Some beamers will be set up to give a cinematographic impression of the concerts in the other world.

And then the lights will go out:

Three live acts will play from 22.30 onwards. Andreas Bick will present his radiophonic work Frost Pattern that he made for Deutschlandradio Kultur. I was lucky to hear the final mix of this composition in one of the studio's of Funkhaus Berlin over a five speaker surround system. Very impressive. And I am glad Andreas accepted my invitation. One can hear among others sounds from icebergs and gletschers, captured with an underwater microphone. All mixed together in a slowly evolving work of sound that has all the characteristics of an orchestral symphony.

I really don't understand why I have never seen Yehlin Lee perform in Berlin. It is thanks to Magnus Schaefer that I found him. I invited him and he said yes; it's that simple. And I am glad he did so. When he came to the second day of the festival and heard Debashis' happy tambouring, Wolfgang's tribute to Mozartian melancholy, and Yannick's singing Tibetat bowl, I mean after hearing sounds that in the FMradio world is actually called 'music', he was a bit surprised. He expected 'field recordings'. So i guess that is what we are going to hear on thursday in his soundwork TSU - L'Objet Sonore Trouvé.
In his own words:
"Tapei Sound Unit - TSU focuses on the audition, collection, analysis, reflection, deconstruction, and re-contextualization of humanistic soundscape of Taiwan. With the total respect of sound object / soundscape, TSU tries to capture the spontaneous (extra)ordinary moments of real life."

Soichiro Mitsuya is one of my favourite noise artists in Berlin. Capable of scandalising the purist field recorders ear, he is one of the sonic artists that is 100% loyal to the original definition of field recordings. For his performances he always uses his little sony cassette walkman, that he carries around with him everywhere. He also had it with him when he visited Teheran earlier this year. It is sounds from that city that come to us in RAUM.

How to get to RAUM in Berlin:look at the map first

How to get to festival deck in Second Life: start from here
In case you are new to SecondLife,
download the free client of Second Life
create an avatar
come and visit the festival.

11.August - Stralau68, Berlin Friedrichshain

This saturday will be a day of geographic contrasts. Björn Eriksson will bring sounds from his hometown near the polar circle. There is a clarinet in his luggage, that he might use. Please don't throw your glasses or bottles on the floor, because Björn will play barefoot.

Gilles Aubry left his audience breathless at the second edition of th efestival, when he performed his recordings from Berlin backyards. As rain came to Berlin, Gilles was lucky to leave for Egypt, where he stayed for two months working on sounds. The recordings he made in that period will be presented in a new composition specially made for the festival.

Hwem/Namenlos Soundsystem are two young guys Tobias Åström and Peter Henning from Malmö. In their own words: "HNSS play plunderphonic improvisations largely based on cassette players, found sounds and feedbacking equipment. Whether the result is relentless walls of thick droning or abstract electro-accoustic scraping the music always attempts to express the conflicting facets of everyday life."

Stralau 68
Alt-Stralau 68
Berlin Friedrichshain
S-Bahn Treptower park