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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Extra! Extra! Extra!

Ben Roberts has arrived in Berlin, just yesterday.
All was uncertain up to the last moment.
Ben came in from Madrid:

"I have:
1x large radio-twin tape (modified with hand magneto-reader)
2x small radio-cassettes (modified with hand magneto-reader)
3x dictaphones
1x childs sing long cass player +mic
1x mini radio-cassette
1x portable reel to reel deck
1x mono cassette recorder."

he writes.

He will set up his installation in the Bürknerstrasse in Neukölln,
just off Maybachufer adn Kottbusser Dam.

"As concerns the event, I am not 100% certain yet of what i intend to do, but will definitely do something with the magnetic cards and metro tickets and possibly mount some on a background board or canvas, in an 'aesthetic way' so they can be hung on a wall and 'played' by people walking by. Also some kind of live event would be good."

It will all happen, in some way or another!
Be there either today, or on saturday afternoon,
and listen what the metro tickets from Paris or Madrid sound like!!!

gallery/living room radio aporee
bürkner str.9
U-bahn Schönleinstrasse
Berlin Neukölln


Blogger rinus said...

momus has posted an entry about him visiting and playing the exhibit:
a movie is included as well ->

greetings from the east and west,

5:22 pm


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