News about the 4th edition of the Festival that will take place in Berlin all through the year 2008. The information about the former editions that were held on 22-26 november 2006, 13-22 february 2007 and 1-29 august, 2007 are still to be found somewhere in the jungle of this blop.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Mini Sponsor List

Steven Burnett
Nicolas from Absurd

for a total amount of approximately* 500 euro. With this money a part of the financial pain of the participating artists can be cured. You can find their names and hometowns at the bottom of this entry.

Some more donations are on their way. The names of the supporters will arrive here as confirmation comes in.

Mini sponsors are still welcome and can pay through paypal on
sjefahoy at home dot nl.

Please mention your link and das kleine field recordings festival.
Those who prefer to pay in my bankaccount can contact me at
rinus at zeromoon dot com to get the Iban Swift codes.

Big sponsors wear ties. They can make an appointment in the lounge of the Hotel Adlon.
Just give me a call 0049 (0) 152 05 345 905

The artists that got benefit so far were Madame P (50 Euro, eurolines from Amsterdam), Yannick Franck (30 Euro, shared car ride from Liège), Hwem/Namenlos soundsystem (100 euro 2 returntickets eurolines Malmö-Berlin), Gilles Aubry (20 euro, taxi for mackiespeakers), Ruben Patino (50 euro unconditioned collaboration on all the evenings to get the concerts on internetradio), Björn Eriksson (25 Euro for taxi Wedding-Neukölln), Francesco Cavaliere & Luciano Maggiore ( 20 Euro each, contribution plane ticket), Murmer (50 Euro, carshare Paris-Köln + carshare Köln-Berlin), Michael Peters (50 Euro for carride Köln-Berlin-Köln),
Budhaditya Chattopadhyay (60 Euro, contribution train ticket)

On behalf of the participating artists a big thank you!!!


* Dollar versus Euro value has still to be established.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

4. August Wendel, Berlin Kreuzberg

Debashis Sinha, Yannick Franck, Wolfgang Dorninger

The festival continues with three musicians that each come from a different musical background. Wolfgang Dorninger I first heard of through his nick name bike mike . When I saw the post on the phonographers list from this alias, I deleted it immediately, thinking of some weird spam. But the poster insisted. He didn`t get banned, so maybe there was a real person behind it. In fact there is. His bike mike blog shows his passion for field recordings, while the personal site shows how diverse Wolfgang`s activities are, even reaching the very borders of techno. In his own words:
< "dorninger aka bikemike" : the set starts with musical interpretations of Dorninger granulating field recordings by Dorninger's alter ego bikemike. At a certain point Dorninger's musical treatment looses its importance and the acoustic scenery ends with raw binaural recordings by bikemike. The concert consits of three scenes: church, car, nature. >

Yannick Franck will take us back to last years world championships of football when Italian supporters celebrated the victory of their country's team. Yannick lives in Liège, in Belgium, and the recording he will use for his performance was made directly from his window. It is an everyday life approach that I like very much. It connects to some moment lost in time, that can only be completed by your own fantasy. Yannick will use a tibetan bowl and radiowaves to fullfill his composition.

Debashis Sinha (in the picture)can very well introduce himself, and I feel very lucky to have `found` him at the last moment.

In his own words:

"Debashis Sinha is a percussionist who specializes in the instruments of the Arab world, Greece, Turkey and Persia. After 10 years of music performance and multiple juno nominations as a member of various world music projects, Sinha is shifting his creative focus to new media, audio installation, and audio art. He has been selected for residencies at the prestigious deep wireless festival of radio art (2006) and sound travels festival of sound art (2006). He has received funding from the Canada council for the arts, the Chalmers foundation, the Ontario arts council, and the Toronto arts council for his various projects. He is pleased to be making his European debut as a solo artist at the das kleine field recordings festival.

Wendel,* Schlesische Strasse 42, U-bahn Schlesisches Tor, Berlin Kreuzberg,

Starts 21.30

entrance fee: 5 euro

* Some words to Wendel. Visitors to the first two editions may very well remember this bar in one of the most frequented area's of Berlin Kreuzberg. Since then Wendel has changed its make-up. Most of the tables and chairs have been replaced by couches and easy chairs. A wifi connection allows visitors to check their mails in the shadow of the trees outside. The scenery is perfect for an evening of armchair travelling.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

1. August, Kunsthaus Glogauer, Berlin Kreuzberg

Metuo, Venta Protesix, Madame P, Jeff Gburek.

The 3rd edition of the festival opens with a surprise, and in open air! I have invited two young women from Italy, that in their sonic career have succeeded to find a cross-over between pop and experimentals. Their approach to music might offer a different view on the use of field recordings.

Metuo, the youngest of the two, is slowly rising to fame in Italy, where she plays on big festivals, and makes people dance. On the first day of the festival she will collaborate with a young man from the south of Italy, Italo Belladonna, who operates under the moniker
Venta Protesix.
The audience can expect a movie in sound, or just dreamscapes that mingle with the kreuzberger street sounds. It depends on how far you are from the loudspeakers.

Madame P, in real life Pati Oliva, has played numerous concerts over the last years, on an exhausting tour in the USA, and on two tours in the UK. Some of you might remember her overwhelming concert in Festsaal in Kreuzberg, last year. This time it will be different, because...
Pati has moved to Amsterdam recently, and has fallen in love with this town. The result of this love affair is recorded with a cassette walkman. These recordings and others will be used in her solo set.

Pati Oliva (madame p) in the port of Amsterdam

Jeff Gburek surprised the audience last festival, when he achieved to mingle story telling with magnetic field recordings and turned his performance into one of the highlights. Also this time he will do his best to provide the audience with an authentic experience.
At the end of the evening Pati and Jeff will get together and perform in a duet. For this occasion Jeff's gear as by magic will turn into a grand piano to accompany Madame P. and her sounds: field recordings and jazz?

On the evening Pati will cook as well. She has in mind to prepare sweet cakes: Celebral Jelly with Wallnuts

See you there!


Glogauer, Garden of Glogauerstrasse 16, Berlin-Kreuzberg.

Doors open at 21.00.
First concert start at 22.00.
Entrance Fee 5 Euro.

How to arrive:
by underground train:
U1- Görlitzer Bahnhof
(then walking on wienerstrasse in direction of Görlitzerpark, Glogauer Strasse appears on your right)

U8- Schönleinstrasse
(then walking towards Bürknerstrasse, follow Maybachufer untill the next bridge - Pannierstrasse- cross bridge: you are on the Glogauerstrasse; it is the big white house on your left.)

by bus:
M29 - bus stop Glogauerstrasse
You can take the bus at Görlitzer Bahnhof (U1) and Moritzplatz (U8)

by bicycle:
from Neukölln: Sonnenallee, the Pannierstrasse changes its name in Glogauerstrasse once you cross the Maybachufer. It is the big white house on the left, with the garden.
from Kreuzberg and rest of Germany: The Falckensteinstrasse, off the Schlesische Strasse crosses the Görlitzer Park, at the other side left and right is the Wiener Strasse, in front of you is the Glogauerstrasse. Go towards Maybachufer. It is in the garden of the big white house on the right.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Programme 1.-29. August

1. August, Glogauer Berlin Kreuzberg:
Metuo, Venta Protesix, Madame P, Jeff Gburek

4. August, Wendel Berlin Kreuzberg:
Yannick Franck, Debashis Sinha, Wolfgang Dorninger

*10. August, 11.00 - 19.00 hr Staalplaat Record Store, Berlin Mitte*
Rauschpartikel, Stephane Leonard, Marta Zapp (xpenelopex)
and others via streaming connection

**10. August 21.00hr: Raum Berlin Wedding**:

Yehlin Lee, Soichiro Mitsuya, Andreas Bick

11. August, Stralau 68 Berlin Friedrichshain:
Björn Eriksson, Hwem/Namenlos Soundsystem, Gilles Aubry

15. August, Glogauer Berlin Kreuzberg:
Murmer, Francesco Cavaliere, Novi_Sad, Derek Holzer,
Luciano Maggiore

18. August, Stralau 68 Berlin Friedrichshain:
Mattin, Origami Boe and Origami Tacet, Michael Peters

25. August, Wendel , Berlin Kreuzberg:
Udo Noll & Radio Aporee, Balz Isler, Stefan Thielke (spoken words)

29. August, Glogauer, Berlin Kreuzberg:
Carsten Stabenow, Kate Donovan, Budhaditya Chattopadhyay, Peter Prautzsch

22-25. August, Total Artspace, Berlin Neukölln:
Tapemosphere ( sound installation)

special notice
*10. August will be a special radio day (participants to be announced soon)
** a Second Life part to be curated by Björn Eriksson with
Robert Gilks (UK) /*/*/*
Transponderfish (Germany) /*/*/*
Jeff Gburek (Germany) /*/*/*
Jerome Joy (France) /*/*/*
Brett Ian Balogh (USA) /*/*/*
Locus Sonus (France and world wide)

For more inside information read The China Times

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Introduction to the 3rd Edition/Request for (mini)sponsorship

It all started during my spring tour. Artists had to be contacted and locations to be found. I owe a lot to the help of Gilles Aubrey and Magnus Schaefer; they found the missing locations. Also the artists who willingly accepted the invitation, knowing that it is going to be a no budget festival are a big treasure to me.

Maybe some of you wonder, why I set this up. It is because I like to organise this festival. There is too much positive response to stop now.

Okay, some names still have to be filled in. I hope to publish the complete programme in some days.

Of course, on my way home I will remember the names of those I forgot to mention here, like Martin from Wendel, Jürg from Stralau 68 or Björn from the North Pole. They were all of great help while I was on the road.

Back in Berlin I had to do some cycling, avoiding rain that came pouring down at set times. I quickly found glogauer, again thanks to Magnus. There Katty got convinced that having a festival in the garden would be a good idea for the summer. I will return to Glogauerstrasse by the end of the month to clean the garden.

Markus Schwill, one of the noise phantoms of noisekölln, directed me to Martin Kuentz. Martin and I agreed pretty fast on having the Radio and Second Life part in Raum in Wedding. Miga will take part of the technical details.

My big thank you goes out to all of them, as it goes to Hanna Hartmann for leading me to Andreas Bick, and to Carsten Stabenow
for getting me in contact with Thanasis Kaproulias (Novi_Sad).

Now some words about the money part. I never applied for fundings because of some reasons, one of them being that I would like to maintain the spontaneous character. The festival happens when it happens: it is, when I feel like organising a new one. All other reasons are political, and politics are boring.

This doesn't mean that I wouldn't accept financial help. In fact it would be very welcome, because it could help those artists that are willing to fly in from Athens, Barcelona or Bologna, or come travelling from Paris, Amsterdam or other remote places in Germany.

If you like to send 1 or 5 or 10 Dollars or Euro's or whatever currency left over from your holidays, please contact me at
rinus at zeromoon dot com.

You can also become a personal sponsor:
Just take your pick:

Wolfgang Dorninger (Kassel)
Yannick Franck (Belgium)
Patrizia Oliva (Amsterdam)
Bela, Balz and Block Barley from (Köln/Hamburg)
Patrick Mcginley (Murmer)(Reims)

Thanasis Kaproulias ( Novi_Sad)(Athens)
Björn Eriksson (North pole, Sweden)
Hwem/Namenlos Soundsystem (Malmö)
Francesco Cavaliere (Bologna)
Metuo/ventaprotesix (Florence)
Michael Peters (Köln)
Budhaditya Chattopadhyay (Munich)
Origami Boe and Origami Tacet (Norway)

Got it?

Berlin based artists in the festival:
Jeff Gburek, Yehlin Lee, Andreas Bick, Soichiro Mitsuya, Gilles Aubry, Derek Holzer, Mattin, Stefan Thielke, Kate Donovan, Carsten Stabenow, Udo Noll.