News about the 4th edition of the Festival that will take place in Berlin all through the year 2008. The information about the former editions that were held on 22-26 november 2006, 13-22 february 2007 and 1-29 august, 2007 are still to be found somewhere in the jungle of this blop.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

25. august, Wendel, Berlin Kreuzberg

(Deutschsprachige Information weiter nach unter)

Saturday we return to Wendel in Kreuzberg. Non German languageneers might encounter a hard time, because there will be two performers who will use German lyrics for their stories.

Stefan Thielke, A German writer will read his short story that is situated in Berlin and India, against a sonic background made from original recordings of both the German capital and India.

Udo Noll will present his Radio Aporee. It is full of recordings with spoken word, or background noises, that were transmitted using a telephone, be it public, mobile or stabile. Perhaps slightly delayed real time interventions will take place.

The evening will be presented by Tore Honoré Boe, who some of the festival visitors have seen in action at Stralau 68. He will round off his Berlin stay with a dream concert that will start approximately at 02.30 and will last untill approx. 04.00 in the morning.

The whole programme, including Origami Boe and Origami Tacet's dream concert, will be held in Wendel. Entrance fee of 5 euro will be collected untill the last moment, in order to preserve the intimacy of the night, and to avoid disturbance of audience and performers by casual onlookers.

Erzählungen, Gedichten, Traumen, in Klang und Wort
Philips N2234
Stefan Thielke

Udo Noll und Radio Aporee
Origami Boe & Origami Tacet

Es begann an einem Montagmorgen – Eine Geschichte aus Berlin und Indien

Ein Mann Mitte 50, der sich eigentlich für glücklich hält,
erleidet einen Herzinfarkt und beginnt im Krankenhaus,
über sein Leben, Leben an sich und Überleben nach zu denken.
Parallel dazu verarbeitet ein Junge in Indien seine Geschichte
und muss zusehen,dass er überlebt.
Fünf Jahre zuvor,
er war 10 Jahre alt,
verlor er seine gesamte Familie bei einem Erdbeben.

Stefan W. Thielke schreibt seit mehr als 20 Jahren
Schwerpunkt Erzählungen, Kurzgeschichten.
Zahlreiche öffentliche Lesungen
und Gemeinschaftsprojekte mit Künstlern aus anderen Bereichen.

Udo Noll entwickelte die maps auf seinem Radio Aporee.
Von jeden Telefon kann angerufen werden.
Die Botschaften, Beschreibungen, Hintergrundgeräusche
stehen nach abschliessen des Gesprächs ins Netz.
Udo stellt Radio Aporee und die Anrufer vor, und bringt davon Klangbeispielen.

Mitten in der Nacht Träumen die Origami's
ein anderes Atlantis.

Schlesische Strasse 40
U-Bahn Schlesisches Tor

Anfang 21.00
Ende 04.00

Finanzielle Beitrage von 5 Euro
wird bis zum Sendeschluss gefragt
um die Intimität der Abend/Nacht
zu respektieren!!


Blogger rinus said...

Myself first, so that it will be done with. I invited Stefan Thielke to tell a story. That was once upon a time and not so long ago. Then I approached my Berlin friends, and they had to refuse the offer, them being out of town at the 25th of August.

I discovered myself a director shooting a movie, who couldn't find the actor who could be a Bollywoodboy and a Berliner at the same time. So i had to take this part.

Five days of intensive caring and one experience later my first words to Stefan were: "Now I understand why I never got a driver's licence." Too many things to take care of. As if it was somebody's birthday evening everything that could go wrong went wrong. I apologize to Stefan and to the audience for all the little mistakes that made them tumble from their concentration.

Only some parts went well, and where I failed Stefan corrected it in a smooth way. At the end his story was well received.

Udo Noll saved my evening. His Radio Aporee, that can be described as the world's biggest answering machine depends heavily on google maps. The idea as with many great ideas is quite simple. Udo created a website where people could phone in and leave their message. When the phone call is done, the place where the call was made is indicated with a red dot on the map. By clicking the dot you hear the recorded voice.

This saturday evening Udo was leasurely floating over the world as it was projected on the curtains of Wendel, and clicked some dots at random. We went from Berlin Kreuzberg to Congo to Berlin Neukölln and to Mongolia.

One minor critic, because the mixture went down with every one very well, is that some contributions didn't come from phone calls but from send in files.

Then deep into the night Tore played his acoustic laptop, accompanied by beautifull sounds from Michael Duch's double bass. However these bass sounds were stored on a Cdr. In fact this concert premiered Tore and Michaels upcoming album. Some dream concert it was. At the back of the bar two ladies were talking in our sleep.

Anyway. Tore presented also the evening that started with a quest for a tape made by Balz Isler. A special messenger had brought it from Hamburg. An old cassette player was waiting on a bar stool. A microphone over it, and there was your 19fifties science fiction stand up sonician show.

But that was at the start of the evening. Seven hours later we were only one day away from the end of this Festival.

2:20 pm


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