News about the 4th edition of the Festival that will take place in Berlin all through the year 2008. The information about the former editions that were held on 22-26 november 2006, 13-22 february 2007 and 1-29 august, 2007 are still to be found somewhere in the jungle of this blop.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

10. August, Staalplaat - Berlin Mitte

August 10 starts early at 14.30 o'clock in Staalplaat Record Store in the Torstrasse in Berlin Mitte. Outerberlineesh sound artists will be heard through streaming. Tobias Luther from will publish the programme on his
website. Expect participants form different time zones.

Tobias Luther is a dedicated radiomaker who covered the complete second edition of the dkfrf. Edited versions of his recordings were transmitted by radio's around the world and were praised by all who had ears.
In Harold Schellinx words: "Did I already mention Tobias Luther? ( **** ) Tireless Tobias lugged along a huge suitcase crammed with equipment, all over Berlin, up and down from Schöneweide to the ever changing locations where the das kleine evenings were taking place. Tobias recorded everything, and aired it on his radioINCORRECT. He moreover made the recordings available to other radio stations, and produced a fine two hour summary of the festival for ResonanceFM's Framework, giving an interesting overview of all that went on at das kleine."
I am glad he will come to Berlin for this long radio day.

Breaking News: Tobias has cancelled his trip to Berlin, because of domestic reasons. Tobias will coordinate everything from Leipzig. Take a look at the programme. Ruben Patino will give a helping hand from Berlin, directly from Staalplaat.

From 17.30 onwards Berlin based artists will play live. You can hear dkfrf-veterans Stephane Leonard and rauschpartikel and newcomer Marta Zapp(aka xpenelopex).

Stephane Leonard surprised me on both of the former editions with his raw punky approach, offering in this way an audio impression of a molochial metropole hard to dominate, but ever so inviting to explore for whatever adventure. In Staalplaat Stephane will bring his unedited recordings from Berlin, that will lead up to an acoustic story about wandering and wondering.

rauschpartikel made his debut with tropical typewriter sounds, that made me think of Graham Greene working in a far away colonial world. On his (rauschpartikel's it is) next debute he changed the domestic sounds of a refrigerator into a mesmerising drone that impressed everyone. Little did Martin know, but I saw it, that Wendy, his collegue at Wendel's, was doing her barwork in a swift and gentle way. Her movements were like a summer's breeze (though it was midwinterly February), and the sounds she produced interacted as by magic with Martin's work. This Friday he will use the sounds that Staalplaat record store will produce, and recompose them in real time.

Marta Zapp(aka xpenelopex) comes from a town in Italy where people drink grappa for breakfast, and where tourists look for the remains of a Shakespearian play. Marta came to Berlin to live and play, because she neither wants to drink grappa in the morning or poison in the night. And what else is there to do in Italy?
So far she has succeeded to present herself in various locations all around town. Gifted with a very impressive stage presence, she succeeds in leading .. let's talk for myself.. she succeeded to transmit those first moments of audible bliss when trance sets in. Field recordings and urban witchcraft? In Staalplaat she will present broken melodies.

Last minute extra act: dis playce, highly recommended by Stephane Leonard.

Torstr. 68
10119 Berlin
Metro U2 Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz
start 11.00
live performances from 17.30 to 19.00 sharp!!

on the internet:
from 14.30 Berlin time onwards

Complete programme of the festival.

More readings about the ongoing people's revolution
you will find in The China Times


Blogger rinus said...

This festival is made with two hours internet and four cycle hours a day. In the early hours I went to the Torstrasse where Staalplaat is located, cycled a road I knew only from the map. So green those trees, greened even more by humidity; the Alex,the characteristic needle tower in the heart of the city was charmed by clouds. Grey and smelling good, this August day, maybe it rained in Mitte.

Guillaume was listening to the latest nexsound editions, flowery pop songs for people who just woke up. Shoulder to shoulder we went over our mails. Mine said that the radio transmissions would start at 14.30 Berlin time. It was ten to eleven. Two croissants, an awkard tasting cup of coffee and fourteen mails later I said goodbye to Paco, (busy installing the radio) and Guillaume and left for a giant A4-announcement distribution round.

When I came back to Staalplaat, I found the store full of listeners, sitting on the floor, standing on the last available square centimers. Dis Playce was about to start: they introduced themselves by microphone, a sign that the internet radio was working.

Then Stephane played, Martha played, it was such a strange sensation. Those minutes that I missed had transported me just a wee bit ahead in time to a spot where I could look at something I had started and that had found its own independent place. Maybe I shouldn't worry too much. All were so sweet and nice. Stephane anticipated the fourth festival. Martha was dancing as ever. Martin sat in his chair, satisfied with a set I missed and that had come out so different.

Concerts are like testimonies, souveniers, diaries. People hardly write letters anymore.But the compositions I heard were messages from a world that keeps on unfolding itself into mysterie and the serenity of breakfast.

1:14 pm


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