News about the 4th edition of the Festival that will take place in Berlin all through the year 2008. The information about the former editions that were held on 22-26 november 2006, 13-22 february 2007 and 1-29 august, 2007 are still to be found somewhere in the jungle of this blop.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Also Beethoven was born yesterday

The good thing about the festival is the storm of images I got from it. Yesterday I was in the Electronic Church. One of the persons who runs it is Nicolas Weiser. Every encounter with him reminds me of young priests lost in a ' 50-ties black and white world somewhere in Italy, some of them on a bicycle.

I spoke to Lasse and got transported to the very heart of Finland where he will stay with wife and newly born son, I saw Costa Gröhn looking at the ceiling, which is indeed the right thing to do when you are in a church. Nobody but him heard the angels sing.

I met Rob and watched his tea ceremony. He is on a green tea trail, and whatever you would like to have him talk about, be sure to make tea one of the subjects. There was also Marek, whose dream it is to compose a symphony for all the animals in the Zoo; he must have had a happy childhood full of Disneycartoons. And while Marek was dancing with African mice, I saw images of Patrick bringing those same mice back to the desert, because Patrick has really good recording equipment, that can catch the shuffles of the feet of these mice while they move them in their sleep.

Derek and Sara were there, for ever united in this Holderdeboldercompany name of theirs: Holzer&Kolster. I am sure they are incredible at clough dancing contests. But Derek brings waves of New Zealand, and Sara made me travel around the world, from the very west of Noord Brabant to the east: Gilze Rijen, Uden, Lieshout, Budel, Beek en Donk, Tilburg, Roosendaal.

But much more images are there. Gilles is in Egypt. Bernhard is in Brasil. Marcel was in Greece, Stephane is forever on Coney Island, Jeff is in Kreuzberg, New Mexico. Don't we love poetry?

Awake! For Morning in the Bowl of Night
Has flung the Stone that puts the Stars to Flight;
And Lo! The Hunter of the East has caught
The Sultan's Turret in a Noose of Light.

I am sure it sounds better with the original recording.

I had to go away yesterday, before every one had played. I am somewhere else. It was even difficult to talk about a next edition of the festival.

Rob who saw my last concert in Festsaal said it was very loud. He said, there is loud. And there is very loud. And you were v_e_r_y loud.

Yes. Like Beethoven. We were born on the same day, you must know.
I will continue to be loud for some time, I think.

And you may lay on one ear, and listen to all the footsteps of the earth.

Sunday, March 11, 2007


Shadows is a beautiful movie, it dances away from the prisoners, and underlines that in other caves the women spoke french and the music was called jazz. You need a lot of spiral reasoning to discover that a smile is a shadow casted over the face of your true self. The truth of the true self got buried in moralism. Try to put that on tape when you are out there recording.

On the day that my face got digitally damaged by anger and lack of sleep I had an appointment at Tiergarten. I called C. at twenty past noon. My telephone never sounded more clear, and so was the day. I stood right under the Alex, the needletower on Alexanderplatz in Berlin, and I was in an extremely good mood, as if I had just left the barber shop with a freshly shaved face.

In fact it was the lightheartedness I had encountered at the Dutch Embassy when applying for my passport. All the take this and take that-scheinen, which makes life sometimes so dustfully bureaucratic, the fact that I was way overtime with the request for a new passport, encountered an enchanting 'no problem' attitude, that made me remember my friends Pati Oliva's words, when she said she couldn't understand why I didn't live in The Netherlands. Well, maybe it is because I had left the Netherlands and my moral self behind somewhere in the early nineties.

I walked towards the museuminsel form where echoes of a concert by the Einstürzende Neubauten arrived. The destruction of the Palast der Republic produces those sounds. I walked with my dictaphone on record and met playing children at a dried out fountain. Don't leave a philosopher or a dried out poet with that image. Then I slowly walked back, resisting the smell of grilled würstel. Back at the station I got my pictures for my passport.

And got transferred to a cave.

It took a long way to cycle to Tiergarten. And after some twenty minutes of walking under still naked trees, but amidst a green wealth of plants and surrounded by the constant calling of birds, she insisted on seeing my picture. And I said no, I didn't want to show her the moralistic twofacedness of someone who intellectually grew up in the eighties, caught in a battle between ridicule and judgement. It was in those years that I started to reach for the smiles and rainbows and tried to leave opinion makers behind.

She reached for the picture and some birds fell stone dead from their trees, a cloud obscured her heart. We walked and I heard echoes of footsteps. Yes, if this was one of my concerts it would have taken you in a warm world of long lost welcomes. She had heard the radio. I asked what it was like, wondered how Tobias had cut my words. “Very down to earth” she said. It was short.

Then we went on to discuss other things. But I also told her that it took some time to realise that the initial inspiration to organise this festival came from her. She had told me one day that having a bar where people could listen to field recordings could be a good idea. She would go there. But we were in Tiergarten. You could listen to birds and people passing by, distant voices and cars. I told her of a colleague who recorded birds. A bit boring, was her comment.

Maybe. But also very understandable. The birds carry your thoughts away.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

In Holland they kiss bicycles.

The winter is so long ago, that I even can't remember the first flowers that announced springtime. Still those days that shone like freshly polished soviet metal feel like yesterday.Maybe it was because of the sun or because of my first encounter with the Sonnenallee, a prolonged back entrance to the city, that ends in the Mediterranean part of Berlin, Neukoeln. Apartment blocks colored like children's toys, all facing the bleeding sun on the horizon; never ending grasslands, the communal gardens of the poor, that you also find near Alexander Platz (or in the very centre of Warsaw), and to me is the real heritage of socialistic city planning. (Mind you, their capitalistic cousins in the west employed the same architects.)

Writing about Berlin is looking with an inward eye at the scenery's I pass on my bicycle, like the Rummelsburger See, the lake you see from one of the labyrintic platforms of Ostkreuz, looking east. It must have offered a different view in those cold war years, old factories made of bricks, some hidden Wilhelminian house between the trees; few of them are still there. Most of the land is sand, and not because of beach life. New life is built on the shores, like an artists village in what once was a jailhouse complex. Other buildings – spacious and full of windows – are ready, and make me think of Amsterdam, same architecture, probably same supermarket. The light is different.You can't wipe that away. This is the east.

I should write about the last festival. Maybe I will do one day. As for now Harold and Tobias, who shared my living space while they were here, now take care of business. For those who would like to listen and read, there is enough links on this blop. Just have a look at the recent entries.

I am already thinking about the next festival.

And what it is that I think about will be posted here.


Or one of these days.

Back to Berlin, part two - by Harold Schellinx

'The risk of some random sleazebag
serendipitously profiting from
found tapes on the side of the highway
is extremely remote ...'
(John Oltsik, senior analyst)

Found Tapes in Berlin,
and how many unthreaded cassettes would it
take to cover up the earth?

read the second part
of Harold Schellinx's report here

Das Kleine... on Framework ( ResonanceFM)

c/p from a post by partrick mcginley (aka murmer)

framework broadcasts wednesdays
on resonance104.4fm in london (uk)
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This edition of framework:afield was produced in Berlin by radioincorrect's Tobias Luther This was the second in a special two-part afield featuring Rinus van Alebeek's recent 'das kleine field recordings festival', which took place in Berlin in the middle of February. It features live performances by Paulo Raposo, Gilles Aubry and Rob Curgeven.

The current edition
will remain available online
for streaming and podcast
until 14.03.07.

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

if we only would make some money....

磁带和录音机在Bruce Sterling死掉的媒体项目(Dead Media Project)中是虚拟墓地的绝佳候选。

0fte_g3.jpg不过还是有人认为这些见证了20世纪声音文化的东西将会存活下来。Harold Schellinx就是其中之一,他还带来了“找回磁带展览(Found Tapes Exhibition)”。





上周,Schellinx受Rinus van Alebeek组织的\\\”Kleines Field Recordings Festival“之邀到柏林的街上转了转,并在两个画廊展出了他的部分收藏:在Transitlounge(以FTE为主)以及在takt kunstprojektraum(艺术作品展厅),他还参加了2月18日开幕的“声音激浪(Acoustic Flux)”展览。

上周日Schellinx参加了专注于“柏林音景”的“Kleines Field Recordings Festival”系列音乐会。错过了这个?radioINCORRECT有保存录音并会在中部欧洲时间今晚8点播出。

[图片来自找回磁带展览的网站,特别感谢Harold Schellinx!]

source:we need money not art
mit dank an tobias luther von

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Meanwhile,sounds of space in Lissabon by Paulo Raposo

In his (Paulo's) words and codes:

"Sound of Space - Radio Zero, Lisbon

20.30 - 21.00 pm Friday nights (GMT +0) and Mondays 11.00- 11.30 am (bis)

listen online


Interview with Rob Curgenven

This week, in colaboration with and Tobias,
we start the
presentation of a series of shows
about the kleine field recordings festival

which was held last month in berlin at several locations.
So to start with, you can listen to the interview
conducted by Tobias, with the australian sound artist Rob Curgenven.

SoS is a program by Paulo Raposo.

note (by me, rinus):

I bought a radio today at the mauerpark. Negotiations was done with a grand Turk
who stood on the loading platform of a truck overlooking his merchandise.
His left ear was connected to some other part of the world.
I showed him little REGINA, that was the name of the radiocassette player.
He held up five fingers.
I made the peace sign. He liked this and left me standing like that for five minutes.
Then he held up four fingers.
We both had faith in trinity's.
Three euro we agreed on.

Back home:

The radio is silent; the wheels of the cassette go round and round,
but there is no sound.
I will listen to my dictaphone again,
with recordings of that day on one side
and carnival in the streets of maastricht
on the other side..

Saturday, March 03, 2007

to put it right: podcast!

das kleine field recordings festival on radio --

During das kleine fieldrecordings festival in Berlin, early february,
Tobias Luther from
radioINCORRECT did a fantastic job
recording all that went on, interviewing the artists,
and putting it all together in fine radio productions.
Tobias also produced a two part summary of the festival for ResonanceFM's
The first part was broadcast on wednesday february 28th.
You can still
listen to and download this first part of Tobias summary until march 7th,
on which day the second part will go on air and web ...

thanks to harold schellinx for making it possible to copy/paste this text.

Friday, March 02, 2007

eye wittness report

you are leaving the american sector

And then read on.
Harold Schellinx was in Berlin:

he played, he cycled, he restored, he listened, he watched, he remembered.
Now he is back,
to comfort your nostalgicisms.

I will give a round up soon, soon.