News about the 4th edition of the Festival that will take place in Berlin all through the year 2008. The information about the former editions that were held on 22-26 november 2006, 13-22 february 2007 and 1-29 august, 2007 are still to be found somewhere in the jungle of this blop.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

1. August, Kunsthaus Glogauer, Berlin Kreuzberg

Metuo, Venta Protesix, Madame P, Jeff Gburek.

The 3rd edition of the festival opens with a surprise, and in open air! I have invited two young women from Italy, that in their sonic career have succeeded to find a cross-over between pop and experimentals. Their approach to music might offer a different view on the use of field recordings.

Metuo, the youngest of the two, is slowly rising to fame in Italy, where she plays on big festivals, and makes people dance. On the first day of the festival she will collaborate with a young man from the south of Italy, Italo Belladonna, who operates under the moniker
Venta Protesix.
The audience can expect a movie in sound, or just dreamscapes that mingle with the kreuzberger street sounds. It depends on how far you are from the loudspeakers.

Madame P, in real life Pati Oliva, has played numerous concerts over the last years, on an exhausting tour in the USA, and on two tours in the UK. Some of you might remember her overwhelming concert in Festsaal in Kreuzberg, last year. This time it will be different, because...
Pati has moved to Amsterdam recently, and has fallen in love with this town. The result of this love affair is recorded with a cassette walkman. These recordings and others will be used in her solo set.

Pati Oliva (madame p) in the port of Amsterdam

Jeff Gburek surprised the audience last festival, when he achieved to mingle story telling with magnetic field recordings and turned his performance into one of the highlights. Also this time he will do his best to provide the audience with an authentic experience.
At the end of the evening Pati and Jeff will get together and perform in a duet. For this occasion Jeff's gear as by magic will turn into a grand piano to accompany Madame P. and her sounds: field recordings and jazz?

On the evening Pati will cook as well. She has in mind to prepare sweet cakes: Celebral Jelly with Wallnuts

See you there!


Glogauer, Garden of Glogauerstrasse 16, Berlin-Kreuzberg.

Doors open at 21.00.
First concert start at 22.00.
Entrance Fee 5 Euro.

How to arrive:
by underground train:
U1- Görlitzer Bahnhof
(then walking on wienerstrasse in direction of Görlitzerpark, Glogauer Strasse appears on your right)

U8- Schönleinstrasse
(then walking towards Bürknerstrasse, follow Maybachufer untill the next bridge - Pannierstrasse- cross bridge: you are on the Glogauerstrasse; it is the big white house on your left.)

by bus:
M29 - bus stop Glogauerstrasse
You can take the bus at Görlitzer Bahnhof (U1) and Moritzplatz (U8)

by bicycle:
from Neukölln: Sonnenallee, the Pannierstrasse changes its name in Glogauerstrasse once you cross the Maybachufer. It is the big white house on the left, with the garden.
from Kreuzberg and rest of Germany: The Falckensteinstrasse, off the Schlesische Strasse crosses the Görlitzer Park, at the other side left and right is the Wiener Strasse, in front of you is the Glogauerstrasse. Go towards Maybachufer. It is in the garden of the big white house on the right.


Blogger rinus said...

The festival started with a provocation, and was received as such. I wanted to present an anti-thesis to the purist approach of the first two editions. Then the musicians mostly came with their laptops and presented a composition of their nature, domestic or site recordings.

When, long ago, musicians left their studio's to make their recordings somewhere else, they adopted the name field recordings. (Of course lots of scholars will see this differently.) This movement brought to me the suggestion that there was a want for imperfection, and also a desire to capture something of the daily life itself.

Last nights concert was in open air, in a garden that was part of a bigger patchwork, that consisted further of a small sportsfield, backyards, but above all five stories of bare walls with windows in it. Loads of people living there must have heard the sounds coming from our loudspeakers (we were not loud).

In the garden itself sounds from the streets were heard, some music from a open window, people talking in an other part of the garden. Each perfoming artist created a momentary sonic portrait of the evening.

I knew that little use of field recordings was to be made. The total line-up was a composition, the participants themselves and the order in which they played. The real field recording was made by each single member of the audience.
It is in their memory that the imperfectness of the evening will come to its completion.

greetings from berlin,


11:54 am

Blogger transparent abelard said...

it was a community of backyard shadows, the nights of berlin, such as gilles maybe recorded, but this time as if the intent was to magnetically insert the evening into the body mind networks of perhaps that tree observed the things and sprinkled it down with pollen and dust

mp's set stretched from the melting kitchen disastro into a soundcheckless begining and testament to her undintable audacity, care and compression a patient evolving of amsterdammish water environs with gutter and astral voices intermixed the darkness with shards of light reflected from the aluminum foil she covered the table with--the piezo on the throat was brilliant was often difficult to know if it was a recording or her voice and i liked this very much...very gnarly texture, like the floors of a forrest scatterd up by winds...

i felt quite lucky. it was the darkness, not seeing but only feeling the people in the audience, that i liked the best. it was quiet in a way it never quiet in a club or gallery. it was the tree behind me. i think it played the whole concert. i used field recordings only in the begining, then cancelled them as the sequencer started to hiccup...then a bit of the tabla spiral piece i have been working on...the rest was guitar and patches and it seemed like distant or near insect voices...then a more orchestral passage evolved...then something else...i used many sounds from the guitar that were simulations of sound one might hear in the i was trying to play this whole garden of assmymetrical sources...

as protesix and matuo started, ana karen & her party were leaving, so i had to give advice about travelling in cuba...then the police came by front of glogauer in a big truck...but they seemed to be looking for another house, another crime, not ours...but i missed the set unfortunately...

i am still thinking about all the moments in the collab set...favorites are the very digitally broken grains, stutters, and starts i threw against the fluency of the voice and then the micrfosoft sam consumerist rant while pati scuffled the piezo over the aluminum foil...i would like to hear that one all back...ruben where are you?

11:41 am


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