News about the 4th edition of the Festival that will take place in Berlin all through the year 2008. The information about the former editions that were held on 22-26 november 2006, 13-22 february 2007 and 1-29 august, 2007 are still to be found somewhere in the jungle of this blop.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Introduction to the 3rd Edition/Request for (mini)sponsorship

It all started during my spring tour. Artists had to be contacted and locations to be found. I owe a lot to the help of Gilles Aubrey and Magnus Schaefer; they found the missing locations. Also the artists who willingly accepted the invitation, knowing that it is going to be a no budget festival are a big treasure to me.

Maybe some of you wonder, why I set this up. It is because I like to organise this festival. There is too much positive response to stop now.

Okay, some names still have to be filled in. I hope to publish the complete programme in some days.

Of course, on my way home I will remember the names of those I forgot to mention here, like Martin from Wendel, Jürg from Stralau 68 or Björn from the North Pole. They were all of great help while I was on the road.

Back in Berlin I had to do some cycling, avoiding rain that came pouring down at set times. I quickly found glogauer, again thanks to Magnus. There Katty got convinced that having a festival in the garden would be a good idea for the summer. I will return to Glogauerstrasse by the end of the month to clean the garden.

Markus Schwill, one of the noise phantoms of noisekölln, directed me to Martin Kuentz. Martin and I agreed pretty fast on having the Radio and Second Life part in Raum in Wedding. Miga will take part of the technical details.

My big thank you goes out to all of them, as it goes to Hanna Hartmann for leading me to Andreas Bick, and to Carsten Stabenow
for getting me in contact with Thanasis Kaproulias (Novi_Sad).

Now some words about the money part. I never applied for fundings because of some reasons, one of them being that I would like to maintain the spontaneous character. The festival happens when it happens: it is, when I feel like organising a new one. All other reasons are political, and politics are boring.

This doesn't mean that I wouldn't accept financial help. In fact it would be very welcome, because it could help those artists that are willing to fly in from Athens, Barcelona or Bologna, or come travelling from Paris, Amsterdam or other remote places in Germany.

If you like to send 1 or 5 or 10 Dollars or Euro's or whatever currency left over from your holidays, please contact me at
rinus at zeromoon dot com.

You can also become a personal sponsor:
Just take your pick:

Wolfgang Dorninger (Kassel)
Yannick Franck (Belgium)
Patrizia Oliva (Amsterdam)
Bela, Balz and Block Barley from (Köln/Hamburg)
Patrick Mcginley (Murmer)(Reims)

Thanasis Kaproulias ( Novi_Sad)(Athens)
Björn Eriksson (North pole, Sweden)
Hwem/Namenlos Soundsystem (Malmö)
Francesco Cavaliere (Bologna)
Metuo/ventaprotesix (Florence)
Michael Peters (Köln)
Budhaditya Chattopadhyay (Munich)
Origami Boe and Origami Tacet (Norway)

Got it?

Berlin based artists in the festival:
Jeff Gburek, Yehlin Lee, Andreas Bick, Soichiro Mitsuya, Gilles Aubry, Derek Holzer, Mattin, Stefan Thielke, Kate Donovan, Carsten Stabenow, Udo Noll.


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