News about the 4th edition of the Festival that will take place in Berlin all through the year 2008. The information about the former editions that were held on 22-26 november 2006, 13-22 february 2007 and 1-29 august, 2007 are still to be found somewhere in the jungle of this blop.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Last Updates

For some days Adrian Shephard was part of the line up, scheduled for the Day of the Archived Sounds with his recordings made in haunted houses. But he will not be there, maybe.

One goes, in come two other recorders:

Gilles Aubry will play on the 4th of February on the Day of Imaginary Homecoming, along with Stephan Leonard, Jeff Gburek and Bernhard Gal.

Paulo Raposo contacted me to tell me he had booked his flight back to Lissabon on the 4th of February. This information inspired me to arrange something on the 3rd of February.

And also the information on Paulo's appearance is part of the next entry:
Found Tapes, Found Sounds, Found Recorders.


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