News about the 4th edition of the Festival that will take place in Berlin all through the year 2008. The information about the former editions that were held on 22-26 november 2006, 13-22 february 2007 and 1-29 august, 2007 are still to be found somewhere in the jungle of this blop.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Day Three, Four and Five

Day Three: Wendel - Das kleine field recordings café.

It turned out to be our day off, sitting together and exchanging experiences, listening to our adventures, and find out that we have been some places and played some shows. I met Nick and his friend, asked him some whats and hows, and he turned out to be a musician, in fact with quite a lot of Japanese recordings. And then he looked up, and he said why do I hear a clarinet?

And that is where the music changed. And pure field recordings got played and a sense of spaciousness took over. Some of the topics we discussed concerned the next festival and how to organise it. Different views came out, that got repeated again after the show on saturday at about 3.30 in the morning, which is, as we all know, the best time to get to conclusions.

Day Four: Monty - Berlin soundscapes

A very cosy bar with sofa and lazy chairs and Ute who was happily curious and Thea who was happily surprised and Steffan who never knew anything about field recordings and got carried away completely, and Gerd who shone with joy that he got the chance to hear this, and with a guy and his girlfriend to whom I had to explain what FR. in fact were, with Nick and his friends who kept their promise and came and found out that also these kind of things are what it is all about when living in Berlin, and the friends of Lasse, and the friends of Derek and Derek and Lasse and Patrick and Martin (rauschpartikel) all responsible for the best evening of the week.


Day Five: Karmanoia - Dreams and Travelogues and Haunted Houses.

Lights out: Marcel to bring us to an empty house with a singing room in Buenos Aires, Patrick who turned his backyard into a little world full of miniatures, Stephane who took us on a trip around the world, Tim, the guy from Karmanoia popping out of the blue, asking if he could play sounds from Letland, a funny Klabum featuring his son who was born some days before.
Lasse very confidently took us into his sonoramic centrifugal soundscape, Marek made us travel from Poland to Portugal and back again, and Martin brought us all safely back home with a Hinterhof symfonie recorded in his backyard in Friedrichshain.
All performances got introduced by the recorders, telling where we were going to, and what had happened on the place where the recording was made.

Then the festival finished.


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